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Um Tiquinho de Nada (A Tiny Little Bit) – Sâmia Bittencourt (Fortaleza)

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19:00: OPENING CEREMONY followed by:

Um Tiquinho de Nada (A Tiny Little Bit) – Sâmia Bittencourt (Fortaleza)


A clowness called Nada walks the streets on one more hard-working day. All of a sudden, she comes across the perfect place for her next street-show. The day goes on… Clumsily, she goes around the square, arranging her things, until at the very last moment, during rush hours, when farmers fold up their stands and paddlers collect their things to go home, when plastic bags swing to and fro, everything stops so that Nada can finally start her show! When she’s through, Nada watches the night falling and she plays with the lazy bags, lit by the moon, dancing in the arms of the wind.


Director: Sâmia Bittencourt
Clowness: Sâmia Bittencourt
Musician: Carlos Hardy
Photos: Levy Mota
Duration: 50 minutes
Age rating: no restrictions

Contact: samiabitt@yahoo.com.br

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