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Pelo Cano (Down the Drain) – São Paulo

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19:00 Pelo Cano (Down the Drain) – São Paulo


The experimental focus of Pelo Cano is having the traditional dramatic art of clowning reinterpreted by two women. They do not start from a previous text, but from trivial situations through which they disclose their world perspectives, revealing clowns’ inability to cope with reality. They use everyday items for purposes different from those they are meant for, freeing them from their utilitarian functions. The music is always sung and played by the clownesses, who play the guitar, the violin and the flute. Music is the basis for the clownesses’ gags in this silent show.

Criation, direction and performance: Paola Musatti and Vera Abbud
Art Supervision: Fernando Sampaio
Props: Edu Amos
Setting: Marisa Bentivegna
Costume: Daniel Infantini, Paola Musatti and Vera Abbud
Light: Marisa Bentivegna
Light assistant: Lica Barros
Setting assistant: Tiago Machado
Production and Management: Touché Cultural-Ana Barros& Ludmilla Picosque
Age rating: 12
Duration: 60 minutes

Contact: aninhabarros.73@gmail.com

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