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Aterro do Flamengo, Ao lado do Teatro Municipal Carlos Werneck, altura do numero 300 da Praia do Flamengo

MC: Manuela Castelo Branco – Clowness Matusquela – Brasília


11:00 Opening: Ana Luisa Cardoso – Margarita e Eu (Margarita and I) – RJ


After more than 10 years of solo performances in Brazil, Margarita celebrates her 25 birthday by performing a number with a partner, a male partner (!) who’s known all over the world!
The starting point of this number comes from the clowness’ need to expand her abilities. This may be the reason that led Russell Crowe to accept participating in the creation and performance of “Margarita and I”.
In order to meet the needs of a guest who has such a peculiar personality and who doesn’t speak our language, it was a must to have a “tamer” to intervene.

Creation and production: Ana Luisa Cardoso
Performance: Clowness Margarita and Russell Dengo Crowe (Ana Luísa Cardoso’s puppy)
Instructor: Eugenio Rosales
Luxurious Assistance: Alice Viveiros de Castro
Touch of genius and direction: Sergio Machado
Duration: 10 minutes
Age rating: no restrictions

11:40 Família Cherem (Itaguaí/RJ)

Clown Cherem opens the show trying to get the audience to participate in his jokes and tricks. Then he introduces Carequita, who joins him in his task. Clowness Repita comes in to save the show because Carequita cannot do anything right.

Carequita – Slanny Cherem
Repita – Sluchem Cherem
Cherem: Limachen Cherem
Duration: 20 minutes
Age rating: no restrictions

Contact: tapume@uol.com.br

12:15 Irmãos Brothers (RJ)

An Irmãos Brothers show is a rock-and-roll circus show. This is the best definition for this amazing collage of scenes. A pop and modern circus based on itinerant circus traditions. A show of varieties in a rich and swift flow of sketches selected from several numbers of the group’s repertoire. They are light and funny, with moments of refined wit and a quick and direct rapport with the audience.

Cast: Irmãos Brothers – Aylla Casarin and Nehemias Rezende
Duration: 40 minutes

Contact: irmaosbrothers@irmaosbrother.com.br

13:30 Uma Surpresa para Benedita (A Surprise for Benedita) – Grupo Trampulim – Adriana Morales and Tiago Mafra (BH)

Clown Sabonete (Soap) and Clowness Benedita Jacarandá are good companions, and, whenever they meet, something unusual happens. In this show, Sabonete decides to prepare a surprise dinner party for Benedita, but he needs Benedita herself to help him out. By using a human and simple everyday theme, these two artists create absurd and unpredictable situations that seem to head to an unhappy end. The surprise party has unexpected results, in which love, peace and laughter prevail, leading them to the best situation. Or not? We don’t know if the food tastes good, but everything around it is delicious!

Creation: Adriana Morales and Tiago Mafra
Cast: Tiago Mafra and Adriana Morales
Sound effects: Marcos Nascimento
Direction: Rogério Sette Câmara
Assistant director: Ana Virgínia Guimarães e Sérgio Penna
Costumes: Tana Guimarães, Tiago Mafra and Adriana Morales
Setting: Tana Guimarães
Makeup: Adriana Morales and Tiago Mafra
Light: Tiago Mafra
Sound track: Adriana Morales and Tiago Mafra
Duration: 60 minutes
Age rating: no restrictions

Contact: producao@trampulim.com.br

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