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  • Qual é a Sua Graça, Palhaça? (Where’s your wit, Clowness?) – Adelvane Néia – Barão Geraldo

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Qual é a Sua Graça, Palhaça? (Where’s your wit, Clowness?) – Adelvane Néia – Barão Geraldo

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23/09/13 a 27/09/13

Qual é a Sua Graça, Palhaça? (Where’s your wit, Clowness?) – Adelvane Néa – Barão Geraldo

Afternoon: 14:00 to 17:00 

Oficina Qual é a sua Graça Palhaça foto Katina Sousa

The workshop is meant for experienced clownesses that aim at exploring the construction of a character in the development of the scene.


Training and readiness

Through physical exercises, developing body amplification and opening, getting in touch with one’s limits in order to break away from everyday conditioning. Preparing one’s body to listening and to the perception of actions in movement.

Creation of a repertoire of actions and reactions:

Training the body to act and react expressively by using repetition and the consolidation of a repertoire of actions and reactions to be used on stage

Individual and in-pair improvisation:

Exercising improvisation by exploring games with each other and practicing with objects, aiming at the development of creativity in approaches related to the world of women and at the development of simple and inspired ideas for planning and scripts

Creation of costumes and characterization:

Enabling the investigation of costumes by trying out pieces and accessories to enrich each clowness’ character

Development of short numbers:

Building up individual or in-pair scenes to experiment the relation with each other and with the audience and have the experience of comedy’s pathos

Maximum number of students: 16
Tuition per workshop: R$150

Enrollment: concakarla@gmail.com

Special Guests (international curators):
Gaby Pflügl and Pamela Schartner (Clownin, Vienna)
Nara Menezes and Enne Marx (PalhaçAria – Festival Internacional de Palhaças de Recife)
Manuela Castelo Branco (Encontro de Palhaças de Brasília)
Niina Ilola (Red Pearl Women Clown Festival – Finland)


Maria da Gloria Viegas, Silma Abranches Theodoro, Carmen Anciães, Iara Viegas, Daniel Abranches Schiltine, Joaquim Anciães, Diogo Andrade, Bianca Fero, Regina Mascarenhas, Wladimir Duarte, Marcos Teixeira, Fernanda Schnoor, Jaqueline Besson, Luisa and Wernner, Fernanda Paixão, Nádja Naira e Leda Regina Paixão, EAT – Escola das Artes Técnicas Luís Carlos Ripper, Ana Viana, Rede Nami, The Naked Clownesses (they know who they are), Sydney de Jesus and his12 apostles, Bia Radunski, Cely Bianchi, Paulo Mattos, Leysa Vidal and Espaço Sesc Team, Sidney Cruz, Tahiba Melina and Escola SESC Team and all artists and professionals involved in the festival.

To all the obsessors and all those who stand in our way…

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