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(Português) Pachaska – Mujer Salvage (Pachaska -Mulher Selvagem) – Andrea Martinez (Uruguay)

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19:00 Pachaska – Mujer Selvage (Pachaska – The Wild Woman) – Andrea Martinez (Uruguai)


Pachaska is a housewife who leads a very regular life, until one day a ray revolves her insides. She can hear her uterus, and it tells her that she should go home, so rescuing a threatened species from extinction, that of “wild women”. She doesn’t know how to do it, but accepts the challenge. She awkwardly starts her first steps, performs rituals and practices that teach her to become more powerful, as in an initiation rite. Conflicts emerge. Her lack of knowledge and her contradictions make her feel lost, but she asks questions while she looks at herself in the mirror and dives deeply into emotional states in which she has to fight all her inside monsters. She needs to recover her feminine essence and goes on a trip that will take her away from home, that will make her lead her own life and discover new worlds in the twilight of fantasy and reality.

Creation and performance: Andrea Martínez
Direction: Fernando Paz
Dramaturg: Virginia Caputi
Coaching: Veronica San Vicente
Musical Consultant: Ludmila Rapoport
Costume: Claudia Acosta
Art director and Setting: Marcelo Patiño – Irene Willat
Light: Irene Willat
Graphic Design: Carolina Díaz, www.gendsieno.com
Photos: Magdalena Patiño Roquero
Production: Andrea Martínez
Age rating: 14
Duration: 50 minutes

Contact: elartedeserpayaso@gmail.com

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