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A Garota da Capa (Cover Girl) – Andrea Padilha (Florianópolis)

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A Garota da Capa (Cover Girl) – Andrea Padilha (Florianópolis)


A Garota da Capa is a visual comedy about a lonely woman in her apartment, living her life through magazine stories and pictures. It is both sad and funny the story that goes on in the secret world of her dreams and wishes, her past memories and hopes for the future: a woman surrounded by famous friends, loved by dozens of men, having celebrities for dinner and going on trips to exotic places – a woman who wants to be young forever, a woman…

Performance: Andréa Padilha
Direction: John Mowat
Translation: Adriana Padilha
Creation: Andréa Padilha and John Mowat
Light design: John Mowat
Musical adaptation: Nelson Padilha (keyboard and accordion) and Anderson Sauerbier (saxophone)
Costumes: John Mowat and Carlos Eduardo Silva
Setting: John Mowat
Age rating: 14
Duration: 45 minutes

Contact: andreartepadilha@hotmail.com

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