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Antimusical (Colombia)

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21:00 Anti Musical (Colombia)


Five clownesses sing, dance and experience the disorientation of women, their loneliness and long conversations. Laughter is a piece of evidence of their existence. Five clownesses are presented in an endless game that ranges from the most mundane to the most sublime aspects of human life. They have fun by exploring the feminine elements of their humor and their most feminine humor. Through this feminine approach to the art of clowning, in which knowledge is not only technical, the pleasure of laughter is feminine (understood as circular, flexible, warm, protective, romantic, strong etc, etc…). It is a moment when the art and the techniques of clowning can become more human and emphasize concepts in a less prejudiced manner.


Paula Andrea Murillo
Claudia Garcés Vergara
Laura Cardona
Maria Cristina Vanegas
Ana Milena Velásquez
Script and direction: LAS MALAGUEÑAS
Photos: Alejandro Puerta
Age rating: no restriction
Duration: 70 minutes

Contact: clownana@yahoo.fr

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