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Being a Clowness – Andrea Martinez – Uruguay

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23/09/13 a 27/09/13

Being a Clowness – Andrea Martinez  – Uruguay

Morning: 10:00 to 13:00

A circle of women in which magic woke up, flying into their forgotten stories, touching their feminine essence and bringing their comicality from this pure and holy essence.

Finding out your own wit, which is yours alone, and change it into a game.

A research process on different performance and clowning techniques, as well as on tools that bring us closer to our woman-clowness self, such as Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy and the Oracle of the Holy Woman.

Unlearning, feeling the impulse here and now, and playing with it, as when we were children and had fun with the silliest things… Now we have life experiences to tell about.

Reeducating the SELF. “Being positive” brings about an alchemy that transforms…  Allowing ourselves to be free, sincere with what happens to us, so that others are touched as they see themselves in us. During the workshop, we will find out what each clowness has to say, our dreams, fears, romances, we will try to accept our own contradictions and, above all,  we will laugh of our own neuroses.

Maximum number of students: 10

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