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SESC 19:00 Cabaré (Cabaret) – 10-minute numbers
M.C.s/show: Grupo Roda Gigante (Florencia Santangelo, Cristiane Brasil, Julia Schaefer)

Roda Gigante


LÓVE – Fernanda Paixão (RJ)


LÓVE is a number of love. Clowness Valquíria is getting ready for a special date and thinks of everything she needs for the day – objects and perfume transform the place where she waits for the love of her life. Freely inspired by the book A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments by Roland Barthes.

Direction: Karla Concá
Performance: Fernanda Paixão

Contact: fpamoreira@gmail.com

O Cotidiano (Day-to-Day) – Valeria Berreta (Argentina)

Cabaré - O Cotidiano

O Cotidiano is the ticket to visit the place of a woman who everyday dives into her cruel reality: being alone, raising her children away from her country. It is a tragicomic piece about the everyday life of a housewife and the hopes and wishes of a woman who wants to have a family. In the simple daily routine, in which everything is repetitive, there is a beam of hope that the tragic destiny of loneliness can change. Clowness Benedita portraits the reality of thousands of women who fight to survive and raise their children on their own.

Performance: Valeria Berretta
Direction: João Carlos Artigos Musical Direction:Valeria Berretta

Contact: guerrerocristal12@hotmail.com


Tragédia – Aline Moreno (São Paulo)

Cabaré Aline Moreno Donatella is a pregnant clowness who is about to give birth and decides to run away from hospital. As a runaway, she humorously and tragically tells us about her experience with our present healthcare system.

Contact: li_teatro@yahoo.com.br


De repente, Grávida?! (Suddenly Pregnant?!) – Aline Oliveira (RJ)

Cabare, de repente grávida

Pregnancy is a very delicate period, full of surprises for both women and men. However, women are a little more sensitive to it. If physical transformations and changes of humor are true to all women, imagine what happens to a clowness when she finds out that she is Suddenly Pregnant?! From the clowness’ point of view, this number playfully approaches the feelings and ideas that take place when a woman understands she is pregnant and how she realizes the strangeness of suddenly being responsible for a new being.

Creation and Script: Aline de Oliveira
Direction: Fernando Lopes Lima
Performance: Palhaça Olivia – Aline de Oliveira

Contact: alinepoeta@gmail.com

Veraz Apetite (Voracious Appetite) – Daniela Piveta (SP/Rio)

Cabare - Veraz Apetite In a good-humored and grotesque way, the feelings of pleasure, anxiety and lack are presented in this scene. It reveals how eating can be an intimate act, that reveals one’s personality.

Clowness: Daniela Piveta
Direction: Karla Concá

Contact: danipiveta@hotmail.com

Nayana Carvalho

Cabare-Nayana-Carvalho An extremely fussy clowness, who is afraid of everything, gets lost in the woods. There, she has to face conflicting situations: a dinosaur, an abyss, a pool and the worst of all, a dirty spot on her clothes.

Clowness: Nayana Carvalho
Flávia Lopes

Contact: Naycarvalho@gmail.com

Duration: 90 minutes
Age rating: 14

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